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Comprehensive cognitive skill testing is relatively hard to obtain.   Individuals generally must go to private consultants who are licensed to provide this type of testing.  Depending upon the consulting services provided, the cost of testing typically ranges from $600 to over $1,500.  If you need a formal diagnosis, working with a professional is the best choice.  Testing  services may not be available your area, at least not conveniently.

If your child is in K-12 public  schools, comprehensive cognitive skill testing is generally limited.  It  is usually only provided if a student is recognized as having  significant learning challenges and is performing poorly in school.  There is no guarantee that your child will be tested.  Parents can request testing, but schools generally are not required to provide testing.  If your child goes to a private school or is home schooled, testing may not be available.

Knowing you or your child’s cognitive skill profile is critical to empowering achievement.  The Gibson Test was created as an affordable screening tool so parents and students can easily discover if weak core learning skills are an issue.

The retail price of the Gibson Test is $29.95.  School and corporate discounts for volume are available.

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