About the Test

The Gibson Test was designed by Dr. Ken Gibson, a specialist in pediatric visual processing, who has devoted his entire career to helping people with Gibson-Test-all-products_lowRezlearning disabilities overcome their learning challenges. The Gibson Test is used to identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses in children and adults ages six and older. The test scientifically measures key foundational learning skills: memory, processing speed, auditory processing, visual processing, logic & reasoning, and word attack skills. Once cognitive weaknesses are identified, they can be strengthened, which typically addresses the root of the problem and removes frustrating obstacles to learning. Weak skills can be strengthened through brain training. Learn more about brain training here. Administered more than 85,000 times, The Gibson Test has been validated and normed twice by experts in the fields of learning and cognition, and has strong psychometric properties. Whether you are the parent of a struggling student, a parent or adult looking for a baseline test of current skills levels, an adult seeking help for yourself, a clinician seeking to help a client or patient, or an educator or school looking for answers for one or more students, or baseline testing for your whole class or school, The Gibson Test will give you invaluable information about brain performance, and help you determine the next best step. Click here to read the technical manual.